The Acropolis View Hotel

The Acropolis View Hotel


Welcome to The Acropolis View Hotel – a great place to stay for your travels! Our hotel is located right next to Greece’s most famous historical site – the Parthenon, giving you a magical and unique experience.

With modern and luxurious architecture, The Acropolis View Hotel is an ideal stop for those who want to explore the beauty of Athens. From comfortable and convenient rooms, you can enjoy panoramic views of the ancient city and the blue sea from your private balcony.

Not only has a prime location, the hotel also prides itself on the professional and attentive service of its staff. We are committed to bringing you the most memorable and comfortable experiences during your stay here.

In addition, The Acropolis View Hotel also has a unique restaurant with diverse dishes and great flavors, along with delicious drinks for you to enjoy in a cozy and romantic space.

Book today to experience the perfect combination of Athens’ beauty and comfort at The Acropolis View Hotel. We look forward to welcoming you and bringing you memorable memories of your trip to Greece!

1. Prime location and attractions near the hotel

Parthenon – symbol of Athens

The Parthenon is one of the most famous architectural wonders in the world, built in the 5th century BC to honor the goddess Athena – the treasure of the city of Athens. From The Acropolis View Hotel, you only need a few steps to visit and admire the beauty of this project.

In addition to viewing the Parthenon from afar, you can also buy tickets and visit inside the building to discover more about its history and architecture. The Parthenon is also one of the ideal places to take photos and enjoy the peaceful space in the heart of the city.

Akropolis Museum

Akropolis Museum is home to thousands of artifacts and documents related to the history and culture of Athens and Greece. You can learn more about archaeological sites, works of art and objects from ancient to modern times here.

The museum also has a special collection on the Parthenon, which helps you better understand the building and its role in Athens’ history. From The Acropolis View Hotel, you only need to walk about 10 minutes to visit this museum.

2. Luxurious and comfortable rooms


Deluxe room with balcony overlooking the Parthenon

Deluxe rooms at The Acropolis View Hotel are luxuriously and modernly designed, with spacious space and full amenities so you can relax after a long day exploring the city. However, the special feature of this room is the private balcony with a perfect view of the Parthenon.

From the balcony, you can enjoy panoramic views of the ancient city and the blue sea, especially in the evening when the Parthenon is sparklingly illuminated. This will definitely be a special experience and not to be missed when staying at The Acropolis View Hotel.

Suite with Separate Living Room and Hot Tub

Suite is the most luxurious room type at The Acropolis View Hotel, with spacious and luxurious space. This room has a separate living room where you can relax and enjoy privacy, along with a hot tub to relieve stress and fatigue.

In addition, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the room’s private balcony. With modern design and full amenities, the Suite is the perfect choice for those who want to experience absolute luxury and comfort at The Acropolis View Hotel.

3. Unique Restaurant with Local and International Dishes


Enjoy Greek specialties at the restaurant

The Acropolis View Hotel’s restaurant offers guests an exceptional culinary experience with local and international dishes. In particular, the restaurant also has a special menu with Greek specialties, helping you enjoy the unique flavors of this country.

From light appetizers to rich and attractive main dishes, you will experience great dishes in the cozy and romantic atmosphere of the restaurant.

Enjoy cocktails and drinks at Sky Bar

Sky Bar is an ideal destination to relax and enjoy the peaceful space in the heart of the city. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails and drinks with perfect views of the Parthenon and panoramic views of Athens.

In particular, in the evening, you can also watch the sparklingly lit Parthenon from the Sky Bar, creating a truly special and romantic atmosphere.


Can I book a room directly at the hotel?

To ensure you get the best price and make booking easily, we encourage you to book online through The Acropolis View Hotel’s website or reputable booking sites.

Does the hotel provide airport shuttle service?

We can arrange airport transfers for you at a suitable fee. Please contact our staff for more details and to book this service before arrival.

Does the hotel have parking?

The Acropolis View Hotel has a private parking area for customers, however the number of parking spaces is limited and not guaranteed for all customers. Please contact us before arriving to reserve a parking space.

Does the hotel allow pets?

We’re sorry, currently The Acropolis View Hotel does not allow pets to stay.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation up to a certain period of time before your stay date. Please see our cancellation policy for details when booking online or contact our team for more information.


With a prime location, luxurious and comfortable rooms, along with professional and attentive service, The Acropolis View Hotel is the perfect choice for a trip to Athens. You will experience a peaceful space in the heart of the ancient city and enjoy panoramic views of the Parthenon from your private balcony. Book your room today for a great vacation in Greece!

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